3. Who makes dancepoems?

A dancepoem needs a poet and a dancer. But it doesn’t always need to be a duet. If you are both a dancer and a poet, you can have a dancepoetic solo. Or you can have two poets and one dancer in a trio. Or one poet and many dancers in an ensemble. The proportions will affect the richness of the final piece. Communication is key to ensure the final piece works as one synergistic unit.

For live performances you might need a stage director and someone who can help with the lighting. For video dancepoems you might need someone to film the final piece and someone to edit it afterwards.

As any human creation, dancepoems are not about perfection but about a negotiation of imperfections. Do not feel inhibited to ask for help, say if you feel uncomfortable or struggle in the composing process. And do not feel that you need a team of professionals or expensive tools to produce a dancepoem. My first dancepoem was filmed by my brother in a barn, using an old iphone and wooden stick instead of a camera stabiliser.