5. Share dancepoems

If you decide to share your dancepoems live, they will have an added layer of authenticity. If you decide to film the performance and share it online, you will stabilise the unique experience of a live performance.

I believe in the importance of sharing work-in-progress to inspire others and document personal and professional growth. I therefore always film my dancepoems.

If you would like to share your dancepoems on this website, please send me a link to your video or to your forthcoming event and I can post it here. With time, this living book will become a small forum for a big community of dancepoetry artists.

Examples of dancepoems:

We are who we are by The Art of Joy

“We are who we are”, filming and editing Joy yael man. The Facebook post has this acknowledgment: “Thanks to my classmates Aya and Tom who took part in my video” (the words are from Eleni Cay’s poem Intertwined).

SILLY by Hanna Ojala

Hanna Ojala, 34, is a dance movement therapist as well as a self-made poet and filmmaker from Finland who has finally found her way of creative expression through dance and video poems and is keenly learning more every day. She savors conveying actual events in an abstract way as well as describing visceral effects of inner emotions – making invisible visible and visible vague. She creates all her work on her iPhone 6s including the visuals and the soundscapes, the finishing touches she gives on iSkysoft Video Editor.

“Listen Dance”poem by Marluce Lima, Video produced by Marluce Lima and Glauber Venturini. Dancers: Alessandra Azevedo and Karol Szarek

French poem: Oisons croire encore en l’humanite Created by Collège Hans Arp in Monswiller, France, 2016

Goraikou  by the dancer Roberta Stepankova and Eleni Cay

Roberta Štěpánková (1986), artist and psychotherapist. The moving body is for her the essential source of material, it is the volume of our imagination. In her work, the sensitizing attention to the body and the immaterial meanings it contains essentially enrich both the artistic creation and the awareness of one´s self. The base of her methodology is ´making from the deep embodied knowledge of the present moment´. She has lived and created in Spain and The Netherlands which importantly seduced her work to the reality of movement. Now, she is based in Brno, where she teaches dance, studies, and creates. She makes solo pieces, initiates (international) interdisciplinary arts collaborations with colleagues, artists that deeply inspire her in which she trains and let evolve her art of choreography and dramaturgy. https://www. robertastepankova.com

Examples of Eleni Cay’s dancepoems from the sequence Celestial Dialogues (2015-2017) :

Sun-Moon DiglossiaSun-Earth Diglossia;   Moon-Earth Diglossia

If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions about dancepoems, please join us for a conversation online using the hashtag #dancepoems. If you have a specific question for me please feel free to send an email to: eleni.cay.24@gmail.com or message me on Twitter/Facebook. Please do not reproduce any content of this site without an explicit permission from the individual artists or myself.